6th NGO Days Event 15 May 2014 İstanbul (Demo)

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Place: Kadir Has University – Cibali Campus/ Istanbul

Date: 15 May 2014

Number of Participants and Profiles: 30 NGOs and their representatives from Turkey and 200 special guest stakeholders from the student community, civil society, business sector, and representatives ofthe public sector. The Corporate Social Responsibility Academy, a joint project of Kadir Has University and the Corporate Social Responsibility Association ofTurkey, organizes the 6th NGO Days event on 1 5 May 201A with the theme of”NGOs, Branding and Tech nology”.


The sustainability of NGOs is highly related with the work they do (both in terms of content and geographical area) and the success in creating societal transformation in a positive way. In order to meet their objectives, NGOs have to contact effectively with the community and their stakeholders. NGOs should share their values, goals, activities, and their approach with the community. They also need to carefully assess their stakeholders, do stakeholder engagement and provide their stakeholders an understanding and support for the NGO’s values.


Technology can be a facilitator in many ways, as Well as a transformational tool for NGOs to reach their goals particularly interms of branding. Internet technology, in particular, creates a platform for NGOs to find funds, spread information, provide services, enhances their branding, and creates an environment for discussion. lt is also a tool for internal communication, developing and implementing projects more efficiently and, if used properly, it can minimize a number of operating costs. In this regard, it is very important for individuals working in NGOs to possess the requisite technical capabilities, technology-based knowledge and high technology awareness. For the use of internet technology, there is a need for raising the awareness of the NGOs.  order raise NGO awareness more efficiently and to make use of the internet technology more effectively, the theme of the 6th NGO Days is “NGOs, Branding and Technology”.


With the above in mind, we invite you to the 6th NGO Days for sharing innovative practices in technology, showing new technology tools, creating a discussion environment, and creating new ideas. During the event, NGOs can have their own stands in order to introduce themselves to the related stakeholders. ln order to raise awareness and motivate NGOs to be more technologically conscious, NGOs with successful technology approaches will be awarded by the Corporate Social Responsibility Association ofTurkey. The invited stakeholders wi|| bejoined by the participants ofthe Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education Course on “Strategic Management of NGO Leaders” which wi|| take place at Kadir Has University at the same time. This synergy will provide the NGOs and the stakeholders with the opportunity to network and new partnerships.


Please click here if you are interested in putting up a stand during the event


Last call to apply

05 May 2014»- (for the NGOs who Wants to open a stand)


Please click here if you are interested in participating 


For more information:


Officer: Dorukhan Demirbilek


E-mail: dorukhan.demirbilek@khas.edu.tr




09:30  10:00 Registration


10:00 – 11 :00 Opening Speeches

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Aydln, Rector of Kadir Has University

Serdar Dinler, President of Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey

Basak Ersen, General Secretary of TÜSEV

Eyüp Ergür, Manager of Istanbul Governorship, Director of NGOs


13:30 – 15:00 NGOs. Branding & Technology Panel

Dr. Ali Ercan Ozgür, General Secretary of Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey (moderator)

Pelin Kuzey, Public Relations Manager, Google Turkey

Yörük Kurtaran, General Manager, Community Volunteers Foundation

Deniz Ataç, Board of Directors, TEMA

Dr. Ceyhun Göcenoglu, Corporate Social Responsibility Programs Manager, IBM

Dr. Nathalie Laidler-Kylander, Harvard University


15:00 – 15:30 NGO “Technology” Award Ceremony


16:00 Closing


Click here for Program (PDF)

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