9. CSR Market Place will be held in Istanbul on 30 November 2017

The biggest problem facing the world in the next decade is predicted to be insufficient sustainable resources. As Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey, we believe that beyond the efforts that institutions alone can make for sustainable development; priorities of the ecosystem and what to do with stakeholders should be determined.  For this purpose, it is important for the whole world to decide on the steps to be taken in the future in the name of protecting the existing resources.

The 9th Corporate Social Responsibility Marketplace, which hosted the Sustainable Development Academy Awards,  was held in Istanbul on 30 November 2017 with the theme “Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Goals”. What can be done to achieve future sustainable development goals were evaluated in the 9th Corporate Social Responsibility Marketplace at the sectoral and global level. The event created exhibition spaces in the Marketplace that allow participants to share their corporate social responsibility solutions in the ecosystem with other stakeholders.

In the cooperation of Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey and the Geneva-based Academy for Sustainable Business, for the first time this year, Sustainable Development Academy Awards were given in 17 categories.


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