Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey (CSR Turkey) is an independent NGO formed in 2005 by the efforts from academics, businesses and other civil society organizations.

CSR Turkey aims to promote CSR notion within international standards in Turkey and to increase CSR awareness which already exists with foundations, associations and guild culture in Turkey. CSR Turkey operates with an approach based on sustainable progress, corporate governance, public-civil society & private sector partnership.


  • Identifying the CSR related fields in Turkey,
  • Promoting CSR and developing a public opinion,
  • Making researches and analysis about CSR,
  • Publishing researches and articles,
  • Consulting to different stakeholder groups,
  • Organizing events, training and certification programs,
  • Creating and/or implementing tools for assessment and measurement of CSR


CSR Turkey is a member of Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Europe (CSR Europe) since 2008. For more details about the organization: www.csreurope.org

In this respect, our association is Turkish National Partner Association of CSR Europe which have members from 100 multinational companies servicing with European Scale, 27 EU member and other candidate countries. It works for implementation of projects of CSR Europe in Turkey.

Serdar Dinler (president of CSR Turkey) (serdar.dinler@csrturkey.org) is elected for Board of Directors of CSR Europe at CSR Europe General Assembly on April, 2013.



CSR Turkey collaborates with organizations such as UNDP, European Union, French Development Agency, GMF, United States Chamber of Commerce, UPS Global Foundation, Turkish Republic Development Ministry, Sweden (Swedish) Sustainable Business Forum and British Council for CSR.

Information about our past and ongoing projects can be found from this link.

Our association aims to promote CSR via trainings, national and international projects, CSR conferences, panels and consultancy. It realizes projects about CSR Situation Analysisi CSR Strategy, Localization of CSR, Code of Conduct (Human Rights in Business, SME Disaster).

In this respect, CSR Turkey do not apply traditional social responsibility projects, instead it gathers civil society, public institutions and private sector for sustainable CSR practices.


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