President’s Message

Dear Volunteers of Responsibility,
We continue to meet with you in the field of CSR through our projects. During this process, we aim to the work more on innovative formats and communication. As the president of CSR Turkey, I am honored to be elected to the Board of Directors of CSR Europe and would like to share with you our valued participation there. With your support, we as CSR Turkey will work on European scale about the development of CSR policy and for CSR practices and promote Turkey in CSR. You can contact with me for your recommendations on these issues,  your CSR projects and ideas via

I am keen to share my views with you about CSR through our web page every month. Currently we have ongoing projects such as RESPECT Project (Textile Sector), Black Sea CSR Network Initiative, the American Chamber of Commerce Disaster Project, CSR Marketplace in 2013, CSR Trainings, Strategic CSR Management Consulting, CSR Situation Analysis, CSR Europe Awards, Turkish Republic Development Ministry Southeast Development Administration Unit Collaboration, Enterprise 2020, NGO Days, Give & Gain Employee Volunteering Day. To participate in those projects and to get more details, you can visit our website and/or contact with our association.

Nowadays, it’s time to search for new ways to reduct the negative effects of economic crisis. In this respect, CSR is emerging as a solution in European scale. I want to share my view about how CSR concept emerged and in what respective we should analyze it:

The life cycle of mankind has been started when it chose to work on agriculture and sell the extra products while living nomadic and simple; the merchants are the pioneers of the system. Of course there were men who do his work good while some were doing bad. The men who want to do good/ethical work, have always been united among themselves under the umbrella of different networks and unions.

Its always the merchants who connect the other sides of the World, who creates the network of people. Commerce is not only the driving motive of wars and greed of richness but at the same time it is one of the main reasons of scientific and geographical discoveries, developing art and increasing the life quality of men.

We have a very important and valuable example of a union, which gathers merchans who do good business, AHILIK.

Origins of word of AHI, comes from Arabic which means ‘Brotherhood’ and derives from the Word ‘AKI’ which means bounteous, charitable and brave.

AHILIK is based on 3 practical functions:

1)    AHILIK organizes the vocational education of the urban merchants (not including the agriculture).

2)    Identifies the quality standards of each work

3)    Provides a fair competition

Other than those AHIs were also interested with the social and environmental problems of the city they live in, work to diminish the poverty and help young people to continue their education.

After a very long time from AHIs, United Nations of Global Compact has been announced by Kofi Annan in 2002 focusing on the critical role of business on the solutions of global challenges. The business sector is invited for the very first time at United Nations General Assembly which we used to see president of countries in there. But it was also certain that it was just the beginning.

Kofi Annan, the General Secretary of United Nations at that time, was saying:

‘Without the impactful engagement of the Business World, it is utopic to think finishing poverty.’

What it was trying to be said was the financial power of the business sector. But we think that the engagement of the business World in global solutions is more valuable than measuring it with Money.

I want to mention how valuable is the  thinking system which creates values from simple and functional ideas. Because  I believe the standards developed via AHI system or other CSR standards to provide good work are very valuable.


Serdar Dinler

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