Mission & Vision

To contribute to the development of society by providing tools, resources and methods to enable companies to fulfill their responsibilities in social

To create tools, resources and methodologies for business to behave socially responsible on social, economical and environmental issues so that business can have a positive impact on the development of the society.


To establish collaborations of business world with large segments of the society and stakeholder groups to reconcile its impact on social, economical and environmental issues for the enrichment of society.


While orange equilateral triangle symbolize the equilibrium and between environmental, social and economical responsibilities of the changing business; blue equilateral triangle symbolize the environmental, social and economical demands of stakeholder group’s of business. The intersection of both triangles represents the collaboration of business and society in its efforts on development.

Our Approach

CSR Turkey collaborates with organizations such as UNDP, European Union, French Development Agency, GMF, United States Chamber of Commerce, UPS Global Foundation, Turkish Republic Development Ministry, Sweden (Swedish) Sustainable Business Forum and British Council for CSR.

Our association aims to promote CSR via trainings, national and international projects, CSR conferences, panels and consultancy. It realizes projects about CSR Situation Analysis CSR Strategy, Localization of CSR, Code of Conduct (Human Rights in Business, SME Disaster).

In this respect, CSR Turkey do not apply traditional social responsibility projects, instead it gathers civil society, public institutions and private sector for sustainable CSR practices.