SDG Stakeholders Platform

In cooperation with the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey and Kadir Has University Center for International Relations and European studies, it is implementing the SKH stakeholder platform in Turkey in order to produce local solutions to global problems.

Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey (CSR Turkey) in collaboration with the Center for International and Europe Studies (CIES) at Kadir Has University launched the SDG Stakeholders Platform in Turkey to produce local solutions for global challenges.

SDG Stakeholders Platform is the part of Sustainable Business Change of CSR European Network. The platform emphasizes the collaboration to increase effectiveness among private sector-civil society-public and academic stakeholders and contribution to the agenda of Sustainable Development Goals.

General objective of SDG Stakeholders Platform is incubating collaborative action towards the SDGs through the creation of multi-stakeholder partnerships, by leveraging CSR Europe’s Network of 41 National Partner Organizations (NPOs) reaching over 11,000 companies and key stakeholders in 31 countries across Europe.

Through effective partnerships, transforming business models of companies and overcoming systemic barriers and challenges will be supported by platform. Together with companies that internalize the CSR principles, we are aimed to developing sustainable business models and creating sustainable growth both for our country and for our companies.