Corporate Membership

TKSSD may be a member of institutions that operate commercially in Turkey, perform CSR practices or wish to perform them.

Membership Fee

  • Membership Dues: 2500 TL
  • Membership Entry Dues: 3500 TL

If the application for membership is evaluated and accepted by the TKSSD Board of directors once every month, the applicant will be asked to pay the first entry and annual membership fee determined by the TKSSD General Assembly.

TKSSD corporate members will benefit from the following benefits:

  1. Facilitating cooperation and partnerships
  • Project management services to our members and stakeholders who are ready to participate in our governance and responsibility related projects
  • Sector-specific projects and initiatives
  1. Advice and special advice to members

Based on the individual risk assessment of our members ‘ core CSR and business strategies, we offer special advice (special services) to provide advice to our members on how to respond to problems.


  • Review the reports: by critically reviewing our members ‘ CSR reports, we make a series of recommendations and evaluation presentations.
  • Subject-specific reporting: we prepare specific research reports on a specific CSR strategy of your business, including criteria and recommendations.
  • Stakeholder dialogue: aims to provide feedback and input on CSR strategies of companies, including performance and specific focus areas, with sessions involving direct and indirect stakeholders of companies.


  1. Promotion and interviews of the member institution on the TKSSD website and monthly bulletins
  2. Training of “current CSR Developments and cooperation” opportunities every 3 months with the participation of all corporate members 4 times a year
  3. Priority of participation in events organised by TKSSD,
  4. E-newsletter prepared monthly with content of successful examples, events and award programs specific to corporate members
  5. KSS strateji Çalıştayı üyelerinin katılımı ile yılda bir kez düzenlenen,
  6. Free counselling within the framework of participation in international CSR Awards
  7. Participation in member information meetings on national and international CSR developments and events
  8. Access to private CSR reports prepared by tkssd
  9. Inclusion in the European CSR Network through CSR Europe


TKSSD has formed working groups under 4 main topics to be able to carry out its studies more systematically and to achieve more effective results. Corporate members will be able to participate in the organizations of the research and development activities, meetings and seminars, and final reports to be created, which will be included in one of the following groups.

  • Gender Equality
  • CSR & Human Development
  • Training (Future of Work)
  • Sustainable Cities and Society

The institutions that are members of tkssd will have the opportunity to benefit from our free services with a 50% discount on our priority and paid services.

Thank you again for your company’s interest in membership; to be evaluated at the next board of directors please provide us with the membership form contained in the ek belgede  and your letter of intent for membership.