CSR Europe launches new European Business Campaign on Sustainable Living in Cities for more strategic alliances between business and cities (Demo)

(Brussels, 20 March) Today, CSR Europe launched its European Business Campaign on Sustainable Living in Cities to motivate and equip a network of more than 5000 companies to build more strategic alliances between business and cities. The campaign will work towards advancing solutions for sustainable living in cities for citizens and consumers and encourage companies to make supply more sustainable.


At the launch event supported by CSR Europe member companies Hitachi and Pirelli, CSR Europe’s pan-European network of companies shared a compelling business case for Sustainable Living in Cities with urban stakeholders.  Over fifty Marketplace exhibitors provided examples of existing best practice and innovative projects that have already been undertaken in this field.


The Campaign was broadly endorsed by business operators and high-level speakers including, among others, Klaus Dieter Rennert, Chief Executive for Europe of Hitachi, Ltd.. Speaking on empowering citizens and companies to create more sustainability, he stated, ‘’Sustainable Living in Cities is addressing one of the key challenges of our time, rapid urbanisation in cities, changing demographics and ageing infrastructures. As cities grow they need to become smarter, they also need to become more sustainable in the face of dwindling resources. Part of the solution is social innovation’’.


In a keynote speech on how tyre innovation drives sustainable city living, Maurizio Boiocchi, Chief Technology Officer commented, ‘’this campaign fits well with Pirelli’s green performance strategy and our contribution to the prosperity and growth of the communities we operate in. We strive to provide efficient and technologically advanced services and to improve sustainable living standards’’.


Through the Campaign supported and led by corporate members Bridgestone, Enel, IBM, L’Oréal as well as national partners Foretica and IMS Luxembourg, CSR Europe will engage members to connect business with cities, to establish territorial alliances and bring actors closer on sustainable living issues and policy dialogue at the EU and National level. In turn, CSR Europe will stimulate action through campaign activities including a European road show to promote and strengthen local engagement and peer-to-peer learning.


At the launch event, CSR Europe also signed a statement of commitment for the duration of the campaign with strategic partners, UN Habitat and the ICLEI European Secretariat. UN Habitat’s World Urban Campaign is an advocacy and partnership platform for cities in the twenty first century and partnership will enable increased participation of the private sector in sustainable and inclusive urban development and jointly design policy and co-create technical solutions and resource mobilisation. CSR Europe is also partnering with ICLEI European Secretariat, the world’s leading association of cities and local governments dedicated to sustainable development. Through the partnership CSR Europe will be able to engage cities and local governments on topics such as sustainable procurement, resource efficiency, climate action, eco-mobility and smart infrastructure.


Viscount Étienne Davignon, Minister of State of Belgium and President of CSR Europe finally underlined the importance of alliance building in the campaign, ‘’collaboration and the promotion of city- business alliances are an important means to advance the sustainability agenda, geared towards more impact and better solutions for a sustainable future’’.
The three year Campaign will gain momentum over the coming months with the first results to be presented at the CSR Europe Enterprise 2020 Summit in 2015.

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