Diplohack Istanbul

Turkey’s first Diplohack event Diplohack Istanbul with the theme of Sustainable Development Goals was held on 2-3 November 2018 in inogar.

Serdar Dinler (CSR Turkey), Gökhan Yücel (Digital Research Association), Bart van Bolhuis (Consul General, Netherlands), Mustafa Seçkin (Vice President NAMETRUB Foods and Refreshments, Unilever & Chair, Global Compact Network Turkey) ve Burak Kılıç (CEO, UPS Turkey) made the opening speeches on the first day of the event,

Following the opening speeches, Mustafa Aydın (Kadir Has University), Hansın Doğan (Strategic Partnerships and Private Sector Manager, UNDP) ve Gülin Yücel (Brika Sustainability) contributed to the workshops through the speeches with different perspectives on the Sustainable Development Goals.

In the last part before the afternoon, Gökhan Yücel ve Dimitrios Triantaphyllou (Kadir Has University, Assoc. Prof. Dr.) guided the session to determine the problems that working groups would work on to seek solutions. Three Sustainable Development Goals were determined by the participants through an online questionnaire.

In the rest of the day and in the first half of the following day, the participants were divided into groups and worked on projects in order to find solutions to identified problems. At the end of the second day, the groups presented their projects.

Click the link below for the project ideas and event outputs.

Diplohack Istanbul / 2018 – Event Report