Our Services

• CSR Situation Analysis and Report

• CSR strategy development and policy- making in Institutions

• Impact measurement and evaluation CSR practices

• Sectoral CSR Reports

• In-house Awareness Training for CSR

Services for Member Organizations of CSR Turkey

Commercial organizations, universities, public institutions and non-governmental organizations, which have CSR activities or wish to realize CSR activities in Turkey, can be a member of CSR Turkey. Under the generally accepted understanding of responsibility and sustainability institutions and organizations have the unique opportunity to develop, implement and report social responsibility practices, to be a part of the international networks as well as the participation in national and international award programs.

All applications are monthly evaluated by CSR Turkey’s Board of Directors and in case of acceptance of the membership, organizations are kindly asked to pay the entrance and annual member fee.

Entrance Fee : 3500 Turkish Liras

Annual Membership Fee : 1750 Turkish Liras

Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey e-mail:

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