Our association operates in accordance with the law of associations in Turkey.

Our members are informed of the projects carried out by our association and national and international developments as a priority. In addition, special meetings are given as a priority.

In addition to these, special discounts are provided to our members in the organized training, CSR marketplace activities and our association provides special support with analysis, reports and interviews for all kinds of support and suggestions for our members in CSR field.

Personal Membership

People who wish to follow the agenda and work on CSR practices can be members of our association. Individual membership categories can take place at two levels, as the principal Individual Membership and the socially responsible junior member. Social Responsibility youth membership is free of charge for students who are not over the age of 26, who are engaged in Social Responsibility activities and who continue their education.

Membership applications are evaluated by the board of Directors of TKSSD once every month, and in case of admission to membership, the membership of the applicant is decided and finalized with the payment of the annual membership dues determined by the General Assembly of TKSSD.

For information

Corporate Membership

TKSSD may be a member of institutions that operate commercially in Turkey, perform CSR practices or wish to perform them.