CSR Black Sea Project


CSR Black Sea, supported by German Marshall Fund Black Sea Trust, is an initiative of CSR Organisations in Black Sea Region to create a platform of exchanging good CSR Practices and CSR news, developing new CSR collaborations between companies and organisations and sustaining a long term relationship.

Leaded by CSR Turkey, the partners of the initiative so far is CSR Azerbaijan, CSR Armenia & Armenian Marketing Association, Economic Policy Institute Bulgaria, Global Compact Bulgaria, The CSR Agency (Romania), CSR Ukraine.

The first meeting of CSR Black Sea was at Istanbul, 21 December 2012 at Kadir Has University. The challenges and opportunities of CSR, the possibilities to collaborate on CSR has been discussed between partners which the report could be found attached in the e-mail. The partners also brought the winner CSR case from their country and had the opportunity to present the cases at Corporate Social Responsibility Solution Marketplace. (to over 500 participants) The companies and CSR organizations in Black Sea countries have been awarded in regard to their successfull works on CSR.

Short Term Objectives:

  • Increasing the awareness about CSR in Black Sea Region
  • Capacity development of the NGOs particularly focusing on CSR in


Medium Term Objectives:

  • Creating a CSR platform in the region where all the Black Sea countries are involved for information and know-how exchange about CSR
  • Empowering the region in the field of CSR, increasing the competitiveness of the region based on sustainability


Long Term Objectives:

  • Developing joint CSR projects, creating new areas of cooperation toward a sustainable development of Black Sea Region
  • Improving and empowering in the areas of human rights, labor rights, environment and corporate governance, shifting to a more value-based and democratized system.