Human Rights in Business


Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey had implemented its project “Human Rights in Business” in order to raise awareness “on the job human rights” issue like working conditions, working environment, women workers, working hours, child labor, labor rights, health-security-environment structures of working place. The project is generously supported by an alumni grant sponsored by the Embassy of the United States in Ankara, Turkey.

The project aims to prepare a guide book on “Human Rights in Business” covering what human rights are and how they are relevant to business and what business can do within their operations. Then the project group will organize three separate panels in different provinces with stakeholders to tell how investment on human rights in business will convert to long productivity and profitability.

In this respect, to prepare the guide book, CSR Turkey arranged meetings with related stakeholders to discuss what Human Rights in Business is. CSR Turkey team prepared a presentation for introduction to Human Rights in Business and discussed with stakeholders which areas of Human Rights are more prior for Turkey and how and why this concept could be improved. When the meetings are over, CSR Turkey will be ready to prepare the guide which the introductory part is almost done.