RESPECT Project 2011/2013


In Turkey, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) awareness and education studies applied especially for the textile sector in the 2000s have encouraged supplier companies in the sector to develop innovative solutions by developing different perspectives. Supplier companies, responsible entrepreneurship at the beginning of the processes that lead brands to follow responsible purchasing policies and consumers to choose products are responsible for making choices.

The RESPECT project, supported by the Leonardo da Vinci programme of the European Union, was aimed at developing creative methods and tools for supplier firms and buyers to improve their purchasing processes and their impact on working standards.

The 2-year pilot project, which started in November 2011 and lasted until October 2013, was aimed at collaborating among stakeholders (buyer-supplier-consumer) and producing different solutions by sharing good practices.

The partners involved in this project are: Fair Labor Association, New Age, Gibor Alfa (Turkey), BILSP (Bulgaria), ESCEM (France), Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey, Limelight and MAC-Team (Belgium).