Powercoders Turkey – Launch Party!

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Launch Party on 11th of March – Sign Up! 

You are welcome to join us for the launch party of the Powercoders batch in Istanbul. You will have the chance to meet the new coding champs, the team, and many of our supporting community and to enjoy the drinks and the traditional food. Please sign up on the link below and let us know you are joining.

Coach – Apply As Coach

  • Our participants need more than technical knowledge in order to achieve a sustainable integration into employment.
  • That is why our program includes coaching. Each participant is accompanied by one volunteer coach.

Trainer – Apply As Trainer 

  • You support our teachers as assistants.
  •  Teaching sessions usually take place in the mornings. In the afternoons, the participants focus on practising the things they learned in the morning. That is where our Trainers come in, helping them individually or in groups to get their exercises and homework done.

Company – Offer An Internship

  • Our participants are highly qualified refugees and they are looking for your engagement and support



There are more than 68.5 million refugees in the world due to different reasons.  On the other hand, technology developments create new job opportunities in information technology (IT) sector.  The Powercoders Project, which took its first steps in Switzerland, provides a single solution to these two problems: the Coding Academy!

PowerCoders Project in Turkey!

In the 21st century, Powercoders believes that it is easier to start a new life with its coding skills. In this context, it provides a 3-month coding program and then an internship program. The main goal of the project is to train educated refugees and local youth who will permanently participate in the employment of information technology companies and departments.

According to Government data, in March 2018, Turkey has a young population ratio of 16%. Also, approximately 25% of the Syrian refugee population, which is close to 4 million, involving young people. Among these young Turks and Syrians, there are highly skilled ones but it is almost impossible for them to secure an IT job due to a lack of experience. On the other we see many Turkish IT companies having vacant IT jobs due to digitalization, especially in the domain of front-end development.


We have a strong evidence that these two challenges can be combined to one solution. In Switzerland, we have developed an education program supported by a digital platform to teach IT and social skills. And we have created a job marketplace to offer companies the opportunity to find the best interns available. But solving this problem in Switzerland was just the first step. With LIFT Foundation and CSR Turkey, we are determined to make our blueprint and a basic funding available to cities in Turkey. We are mainly targeting cities with highly qualified but disadvantaged people and companies that are lacking IT professionals.


The project will set up a coding academy and run a first boot camp in Istanbul where the local industry is keen to offer internships. We have developed a blueprint that is based on the following 4 pillars:

  • Selection of the best talents to participate in training,
  • Learn IT and cultural basics during a 13-week boot-camp
  • Offer a 6 to 12-month internship
  • Support them with a coaching program until they will be hired

It’s especially crucial that the internship gives each participant enough time to convince a hiring company. Our success rate in providing an internship for each participant is 100%. We deliver change by reintroducing people to the workplace, filling vacant IT jobs, and reducing social welfare costs.

Who we are
Powercoders is a Swiss non-profit running successfully coding academies for refugees in Switzerland. Lift is a foundation dedicated to empowering young adults through education. CSR Turkey is an independent NGO founded by the efforts from academics, businesses and other civil society organizations. CSR Turkey aims to promote CSR notion within international standards in Turkey and to increase CSR awareness which already exists with foundations, associations and guild culture in Turkey.