Corporate Social Responsibility Training to SMEs 2007
Dissemination of Corporate Social Responsibility in Turkey Project 2008
Seminars to Industrial Designers Project 2009
Accelerating CSR in Ukraine and Turkey
Initiation of Corporate Social Responsibility Practices In Iran 2011
Tango Network
TRAINEAST Project 2011
Training for the Future in CEE Countries
Labour Standards in the Textile Industry
CSR Black Sea Project
Looking, Seeing, Thinking
Human Rights Guide In The Workplace 2013
RESPECT Project 2011/2013
Human Rights in Business
Robust Small Business
The GAP Youth Festival
Responsible Cities Conference 2015
Responsible Neighbourhoods Project
EU Talent Project
Mainstreaming CSR Among SME’s Project
Refugees Voice in Textile Sector
IGA Development Academy
Powercoders Turkey
Strengthening Civil Society and Private Sector Cooperation through Corporate Social Responsibility