The trainings prepared for the dissemination of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices, their agenda and the training of future CSR experts and managers are organized individually and (according to demand) institutionally.

The training prepared to disseminate and raise the Corporate Social Responsibility practices and to train the future CSR Experts and Managers are organized individually and on an institutional (according to demand).

CSR trainings that we have developed in order to increase awareness of CSR related fields include:

  • Content development and capacity building Training: It is a comprehensive training program including CSR strategy, management, communication, stakeholder engagement, performance areas, reporting, domain management, social project management.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Weekend Trainings: In the fast-developing business world, the inclusion of corporate social responsibility in business processes from many different fields is important. Our association, which has a large pool of trainers and experts, provides short-term, Participatory and unique training programs to companies in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. The educational services we have done and provided to date are:

– Introduction to CSR and General Framework

– Establishing a Communication Strategy in CSR and Sample Applications

– CSR Policy Management,

– Assessment and Evaluation of CSR Applications

– Sustainable Development Goals

– CSR and Human Resources Management

– Human Rights in the Workplace

– CSR News and Content Analysis in Media

– Environmental Factor in Production of Work and Goods (Energy Use, Recycling, Pollution Analysis)

– Social Entrepreneurship and CSR

– Corporate Social Responsibility and Sports

Capacity Development and Advocacy Trainings for NGO’s

It is a training package prepared for civil society organizations to promote, disseminate and develop policy, strategy and support mechanisms and to engage in advocacy activities in the business world.

Human Rights and Business Trainings

It is an educational program created to explore the steps that the business community must take for good human rights practices and how businesses can place human rights in their corporate processes.