CSR Trainings

CSR Turkey continues its training projects under “CSR Academy” with collaboration of Kadir Has University since 2008. Academy is found to promote and spread the notion of CSR and to graduate future CSR experts. Training are organized for individuals and companies.

In regard of increasing the CSR Awareness of organizations and to make them integrate CSR into their daily operations, here you can find the CSR topics of our trainings:


CSR Certificate programs

Our CSR Certificate programs, which represent CSR with its baselines, are developed specially for Turkey with the collaboration of our partners such as CSR Europe. In this respect, our trainings which are organized strategically, are effective as a contentful program with practice examples, project evaluations and management.

This programme contains CSR strategy, management, communication, stakeholder engagement, performance areas, reporting, effective management and social project management.

At the end of the training, CSR Management certificate is given by Kadir Has University and CSR Turkey. For detailed information, you can contact us: kssd@kssd.org Our trainings are organized on every October and February, twice a year. We can also recommend you weekend workshops for other periods.


International Organization for Standardization published an extensive frame for Corporate Social Responsibility recently.

ISO 26000, which is a CSR tool supporting companies’ social environmental and economical sustainability, helps companies to apply CSR to their business process. ISO26000, which is based on voluntariness, is accepted as the most extensive standard on CSR field and is a guide not only for companies but for every corporation.

ISO 26000 training aims to show participants how to apply ISO 26000’s logical basis to their business processes. This training is for 2 days and organized every 2 months. You can follow the agenda from our website.


CSR Weekend trainings are organized for individuals, and companies to pursue their responsibilities against their stakeholders and environment.

Trainings that are developed up to now is shown below:

  • Introduction to CSR and General Frame
  • Creating Communication Strategies in CSR
  • CSR Policies Management,
  • CSR Assessment and Evaluation
  • Design and Sustainable Progress
  • CSR and Human Resources Management
  • Human Rights in Business
  • CSR News in Media and Content Analysis
  • Environmental factors on Business and Production.
  • Social Entrepreneurship and CSR
  • CSR and Sports


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