What is CSR?

CSR is not only important for private sector to become more competitive but to make employees more active, to save environment and to support civil society-private sector collaboration; also is important for sustainable progress and social success.

Every individual/organization must carry out their responsibility towards their social stakeholders. Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey (CSR Turkey) is founded to develop social responsibility awareness and to promote CSR in national and regional level for sustainable progress and social success.


Why is CSR Important?

Creates new job opportunities with interacting companies with their social stakeholders.

  • Increases companies’ brand equity
  • Improves companies’ long termed profitableness.
  • Arouses interest of international investors.
  • Increases Turkish private sectors competitive capacity on global field.
  • Prepares a better setting for private sector practices on EU membership process.
  • In this respect our approach for future practices is being shaped by our values, policies and activities.

Our base is “human” and we show it with our loyalty to social responsibility. Our awareness programs are our tool to make this real.

We show our belief in change by actualizing some campaigns to effect social stakeholder groups.

Social Dialog is only possible with improving participation, social stakeholder management is important for that.

Actualizing reciprocal relationships can only be possible with result-based practices. Result-based side of CSR shows itself with certification and reporting.

Active learning process is important for sustainability and growth. Sustainability is only possible with information/knowledge. Trainings and publications are developed regarding this aim.

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